Beta 1,3D Glucan


The Immune Activator provides the best beta glucan on the market with a minimum of 85% purity. Our beta glucan is manufactured by AJ Lanigan who has helped pioneer the reserach of beta glucan and the development of a superior Beta 1,3D Glucan supplement. Compare our product to other beta glucan products listed below.

Our Beta Glucan is 8x (times) More Effective than these Products
  • MaitakeGold 404® by Tradeworks
  • NOW BETA 1,3/1,6 GLUCAN
  • PSK Krestin by Kureha Corp.
Our Beta Glucan is 16x (times) More Effective than these Products
  • Wellmune WGP (Green Supreme)
  • Aktival
Our Beta Glucan is 32x (times) More Effective than these Products
  • Immutol NBG (Norwegian Beta Glucan) by
  • Biotec ASA
  • RM-10 by Garden of Life
  • Epicor by Diamond V
  • Immune Enhancer
  • Immuno-Plex 1
  • Immuno-Plex 2
  • Lacto sporogenes
  • ZANTHIN® – Valensa International
  • Swanson
Our Beta Glucan is 64x (times) More Effective than these Products
  • Immune Builder by Mushroom Science
  • Senseiro by Kyowa Engineering, Japan
  • Now Immune Renew
  • Manopol Plus MaitakeGold 404 by Carrington Labs
  • Wolfberry Powder and Caps by Rich Nature Nutraceutical Labs
  • Transfer Factor by Source Naturals
  • Glucagel by GracieLinc Ltd.
  • Beta 1 3 Glucans by Solgar
  • Immune Factors by Andrew Lessman
  • Immunity Booster by Twinlab
  • MC- Glucan by Macrocare Tech. Ltd., Korea
  • Oat Beta Glucan 1000 by Dr. David Wheeler
  • Beta Sweet- Southeast Asia
  • Beta 1,3 Glucan by Vitamin World
  • BetaMax by Chisholm Biological Labs
  • MGN-3, BioBran®, Daiwa’s PeakImmune 4, RBAC by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., LtdManopol by Carrington Labs
Our Beta Glucan is 128x (times) More Effective than these Products
  • Our Health Coop Beta Glucan 700mg
  • Better Immunity Beta Glucan
Our Beta Glucan is 160x (times) More Effective than these Products
  • MacroForce by ImmuneDyne, Inc.
  • Maximum Beta Glucan Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan by Young Again
  • Advanced Ambrotose 375 by Mannatech, Inc.
    AHCC ImmPOWER (Active Hexose Correlelated Compound) by American BioSciences, Inc.
  • Vitamin E by Cognis
  • Immunition – NSC 100 by Nutritional Supply Corporation
  • Baker’s Yeast by Fleischman’s
  • ASTRAGALUS by SmartBasic
  • Enzymatic Therapy Cell Forte/ Ip6 / Inosital
  • ViscoFiber by Cevena
  • Advanced Colostrom Plus by Symbiotics
  • AWGE Avemar Pulvis
These products are less effective than Salt Water
  • Vitamin C by AIDP, Inc.
  • Ambrotose lby Mannatech, Inc.
  • BioChoice® Immune 26 by Legacy for Life, Inc.
  • 4Life Transfer Factor by 4Life Research
  • ACTIValoe by AloeCorp, Inc.
  • Immunition – NSC 24 by Nutirtional Supply Corporation
  • Immudyne
  • Immudyne 26 Powder


Review the graphs and charts below to see how other immune supplements compare to our Beta 1,3D Glucan. Our beta glucan manufactured by A.J. Lanigan is labled in the graphs below as Glucan #300. 


Our Beta Glucan (Manufactured by AJ Lanigan) has been published in these medical journals:

  • American Journal of Immunology
  • Journal of Nutrition Health
  • Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
  • The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA)
  • Biomedical papers of the Medical Faculty of the
  • University Palacký, Olomouc, Czechoslovakia
  • Journal of Medicinal Food
  • Toxins — Open Access Toxinology Journal
  • International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medical Sciences
  • Annals of Translational Medicine
  • Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences
  • Journal of Tumor
  • Pathology Discovery (Herbert Open Access Journals)
  • Open Glycoscience
  • Anticancer Research (International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment)
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)
  • International Clinical Pathology Journal
  • Journal of Nature and Science
  • North American Journal of Medical Sciences (NAJMS)
  • Molecules — Open Access Organic Chemistry Journal

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